Mulled Cranberry Cleanse

Mulled Cranberry Cleanse

Shopping list at a glance:  cranberry juice, 1 orange

From your pantry at a glance: stevia


"Low - Cal" Cranberry Water
Prep Time: 5m, Cook Time: 4 hours LOW / 2 hours on HIGH, Servings: 8-10
  1. 1 cup / 8 fl oz of pure cranberry juice (not from concentrate)
  2. 7 cups / 56 fl oz of water
  3. 1 orange, juiced
  4. 1 Mulling Spices blend
  5. Stevia to taste
  1. pour the cranberry juice, water and orange juice into your slow cooker
  2. submerge the spice bag into the liquid and leave to steep
  3. cover and cook on LOW: 4 hours or HIGH: 2 hours
  4. discard spice bag after cooking
  5. can be left on the warm setting for the rest of the day
  1. sip throughout the day
the zen of slow cooking