My Partner

People often remark at the amazing partnership Jane and I have forged over the past five years.  They ask us, “What’s your secret?”  

It’s fairly simple.

We began our journey with a clear intention and took the time to write a plan with specific goals.  We committed to creating a culture of honesty and respect, working hard, and having fun along the way!

I’ll never forget that beautiful spring afternoon when I first met Jane.  She was (and still is) this darling young, British mom, who had just moved to the U.S.  We were both attending a social media workshop taught by one of our favorite Momentrepreneurs, Beth Englemann.

Jane and I were both embarking on an uncertain chapter of our lives. 

For me it was the zen of slow cooking. A few months earlier I had sketched out a business plan, formed an LLC and bought a domain name.  But I wasn’t exactly sure what the business was going to be.  Would it evolve into a cookbook? Would it feature a product? or Would it be yet another idea or unfinished dream?  I knew, that given my penchant for ideation, I needed someone to help me stick to the plan.

For Jane, it was creating a new life for herself in a foreign country. She was also allowing herself to envision a future that involved her passion for cooking. With that in mind, she turned to me after the workshop and offered to test some recipes for the zen of slow cooking.

I was thrilled with her offer and even more delighted by her phone call the following day.

“Meg, I’m in Target now. Tell me what exactly should I buy.” Jane, a brilliant and accomplished home cook, didn’t own a slow cooker. 

Two days later she called again and enthusiastically shared all of the ways she had used her new piece of “alien kitchen equipment.” In fact, her first experiment was today’s “on trend” bone broth. 

At that moment, I knew she was the person I had been searching for. And that was that – I had found my partner.

When I met Jane, I instinctively knew she was the right person.  Doing a little research for this post, I have reconfirmed my instincts.  According to an article in Inc. Magazine, integrity, work ethic, vision and values are critical to creating a strong business partnership.  Without any instruction, we had incorporated these guiding principles into our business model from the very beginning.   When asked by budding entrepreneurs what is key to our successful partnership, Jane and I both agree that having honest dialogue between us has been essential to making it work.

We really aren’t that far apart today from where we were in 2012.  With Jane’s desire to infuse a contemporary and innovative way to slow cooking and my intention to bring a little Zen to the home cook while creating employment for adult with employment barriers, we are well on our way to fulfilling our dreams.

The other truth about our partnership is that we genuinely care for each other.  Our morning conversations always begin with a “How are you?” or “All ok?”    For not only is Jane my business partner, but she has also become one of my most beloved and dearest friend.

Author’s Note

Jane’s off but not gone!

After 5 years state-side, Jane will be returning her home across the pond.  I’m happy to let you know that our partnership will continue, and we plan to expand our dream of slow cooking and our vision for inclusion to the United Kingdom.  Stay tuned for new discoveries and recipes including metric conversions!

Whole30 Recap

I’ll start by answering the question you all have – Did I lose weight?   And the answer is yes!   I lost about 5 pounds.  I probably could have lost more if I didn’t grab so many nuts throughout the day.  I’ve been Gluten/Dairy Free for a few years, so that made the Whole30 experience easier for me.  

And my “aha” moment?  It was taking sugar out of my morning coffee.  Just eliminating sugar or any sort of sweetener, has reduced my desires for carbohydrates throughout the day.  So, I have decided to make this a permanent change in my diet.

Zen Moment

“Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.”

12 thoughts on “My Partner

  1. That darling b/w image of your hug captures everything I love about your special bond: especially that your environment is always rich with objects, and one or the other of you always has something in her hand. Your visceral creative approach to building your biz is to be admired and celebrated. Best of luck with this next exciting stage of spreading your wings with ZOSC. Love you both!

    • Patty-We are eternally grateful for all of the hard work and time you spent getting us off the ground and truly appreciate your continued enthusiasm for our business! xoxo Meg

  2. This beautiful post encompasses everything that I love about you both. I couldn’t be prouder or luckier to be part of the zen team.

    • Linda-How lucky we are that you not only joined our team but have truly invested in our vision:) xoxo Meg

  3. I love the story! I love the journey. I remember meg saying to me “I don’t want to do all this social media stuff.” And now you two have mastered the platform to communicate your story and journey. Well done and congratulations! I look forward to the continuation of the journey!

    • Debbie-Thank you for your well wishes! Can you believe I actually know how to post something on our Facebook page (well almost:) xoxo Meg

  4. Hi Meg & Jane—It’s a beautiful story. You’ve accomplished SO much and had fun along the way–as well as providing employment for some who struggle to have gainful employment. I’m so glad the partnership can continue even with an ocean between you. .Amazing how technology has made many new options available. Best wishes as you continue your joint journey.


  5. Ahhh….. what affirmation to watch these two as their personal interests turned into a professional partnership which has turned into what I’m sure will be a life long friendship. Beautiful tribute Margaret❤️

  6. Love this post! There’s bound to be magic when two creative, passionate and dedicated women join forces. Best wishes Jane as you start your new adventure!


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