How the zen of slow cooking is adding purpose to the holidays

This week we are delighted to host a guest blog post written by Leeatt Rothschild of Packed with Purpose, our partners who put together our holiday gift offering. 

“the zen of slow cooking is working with Packed with Purpose to create connection and community through cooking.

Slow cooking fosters more than delicious flavors; it can also spark confidence and create community. When we look beyond the festive decor, past the holiday hustle and bustle, this season is a time for gratitude and celebration. A big part of that is gift-giving: We give gifts to show our love, our appreciation and our shared feelings of joy.

But what if a gift could do more than just bring a smile to its recipient? What if buying tokens for our friends, family and colleagues was also a gift to our community and those in need across the U.S.?

the zen of slow cooking empowers adults with developmental challenges through the art of slow cooking. Their slow cooker spice blends are packaged by these individuals in partnership with Planet Access Company, and all sales help fund the donation of slow cookers and complimentary cooking classes in the zen of slow cooking community kitchen. In turn, these adults are able to connect to one another and learn valuable cooking techniques, building confidence and community. The gourmet-inspired spice blends are handcrafted, small-batch items that provide the flavor foundations for simple recipes from around the world.

This holiday season, we are proud to join forces to make an additional impact. Packed with Purpose curates products into gift boxes for corporations, employees, clients, and anyone else on your list. Thoughtful and well-made, the products in Packed with Purpose gift boxes make a positive impact in our own communities, just as the spice blends help adults with disabilities gain confidence, independence and connection.

The truth is that giving back feels good. Investing in socially-minded companies this holiday season gives you the best of both worlds: gifts that delight the person who receives them and support a mission you believe in. Choosing products that help fund causes we care about makes the practice of holiday spending that much more meaningful. the zen of slow cooking has made this a value since day one.

When we shop small, we contribute to positive change in our communities and our world. Investing in social good while making quality products is at the heart of ours and our partners’ mission. Our beautiful gift boxes are filled with a curated selection of products from socially conscious companies.”

– Leeatt 

To spread a little Zen this holiday season visit our website to see the delicious products in the Packed with Purpose gift box. It includes Harper Macaw Chocolate and The Tea Spot Whole Leaf Mate Chai, along with our Slow Cooker Spice Blends perfect for entertaining the seasonal guests upon us!

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