Cooking for Two Toolkit

We recognise that it can be a challenge to scale down larger family sized recipes to 2 servings since not all ingredients can be divided (1 egg?!) and cooking times require fine tuning (thickness and cut of meat will alter cooking times) not to mention that ingredients don’t always come in optimum quantities for two people. After many requests from our followers and Slow Cooker Spice Blend buyers to help proportion recipes accordingly, we’ve added “Cooking for 2” into our Zen Toolkit.

Shop & Store Smart






Buy loose per lb At the farmers market, and larger stores Buy butter in a box of 1/4 lb sticks At the meat & fish counter in stores or farmer’s market, local butchers and fishmongers. Smaller quantities of what you need – ground beef, lamb and turkey. Bacon which you can buy by the slice. Small quantities of shellfish. Bread counter singles or part baked mini loaves
Choose Frozen Peas and corn, chopped onions frozen at peak freshness and easy to portion out accordingly   Much of what is on the fresh fish counter has been previously frozen. Frozen shrimp are easy to portion and defrost quickly in a bowl of cold water for 15 minutes Buy frozen part baked bread or dinner rolls
Choose Singles Buy pre-measured amounts or use the salad bar to reduce waste Mini cheeses such as Trader Joes chevre.

Single servings of Fage greek yoghurt.

Bulk Bins       Dried goods nuts, pulses, beans, grains, rice- weigh exactly what you need for a specific recipe
Freeze   Wrap sticks of butter in foil and freeze. Remove and allow to defrost at room temperature.

Freeze leftover cream in a sealable container with a little room at the top for expansion. Defrost in the refrigerator overnight.

Roll up slices of bacon and pop into a ziploc bag. This makes them easier to use 1 piece at a time.  
Store Berries – wash and dry on paper towels, Store in a container on paper towels


Halve and store in brine in a jar

Salad –

Spin and store loosely wrapped in paper towels in an open ziploc


Ice cube trays with a little water

WIne  –

Ice cube trays

Portion blended aromatics