My Partner

People often remark at the amazing partnership Jane and I have forged over the past five years.  They ask us, “What’s your secret?”  

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Slow Cooker Whole30

For the past five years, I have done a post-holiday cleanse in January. These cleanses not only give me more energy and deeper sleep, but they offer the opportunity to slow down and savor the moment. I find that doing a deep dive into “food exploration and elimination” each year gives me unexpected observations into many areas of my life. It’s like taking the time to clean off your eyeglasses so that you can see the world more clearly. But this year with a busy slow- cooking schedule and a last-minute trip to DC, my annual cleanse didn’t happen.

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Accidental Saints

Last January in an effort to try and bring a little Zen and balance to my life I signed up for a group called the “Brown Baggers” at my church.

The group, spearheaded by a dear friend, Gretchen, met over lunch and was filled with a fabulous group of women; our conversations were/are never dull or disappointing. The curriculum was created to challenge us to examine a variety of topics and more fully examine our faith. One of the many works we read was titled Accidental Saints : Finding God in All the Wrong People by Nadia-Boiz-Weber. Continue reading

Real Food

When I was growing up in the 60’s “real food” and consequently, the benefits of “clean eating,” wasn’t confusing. My morning toast was slathered in butter, not margarine (and certainly not avocado). My mother poured real cream on my breakfast cereal (which did not yet include colors not found in nature). I had “real” grilled cheese sandwiches with thick chunks of cheese. And coming from a home where chips and soda weren’t in our pantry, learning the difference between real and fake food just wasn’t on my radar. Continue reading

The Shared Meal

Several months ago I attended a workshop at our food incubator located in Chicago, The Hatchery. I always love trekking down to those events filled with inspirational food artisans. I’m never sure, who I will meet or what interesting new food I will taste. So I was intrigued when Paul Sippil, Founder of Community Dining, approached me after an event to share his idea about how to create stronger community.

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