Winter Fancy Food Show 2018

We’re just coming out of the Specialty Food Association 3 day Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. A great show for us, and the highlight had to be when Meg received her Leadership Award from the Association. The recognition drew folks to our booth who were inspired by Meg’s story of bringing our business to life through her passion to create a unique employment model. Continue reading

Peapod Meal Kit Launch & Coupon!

After our success at the Windy City Live & Peapod’s Next Best Competition this Spring, we’re excited to announce the launch of two co banded meal kits with Peapod.  Continue reading

Zen Shop

“ Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”
-John Lennon10955336_1015172431830380_8360137390661652424_n

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Slow Cooking 101

You can see by a picture of my 3 children taken 12 years ago that I didn’t have a lot of Zen in my life.barnhart children Continue reading

Finding your Drishti

I remember when I first started to practice yoga how difficult it was to find my Drishti*.2013

In yoga your Drishti is your focal point when doing balancing exercises. I remember searching for an object I could focus on – a spot on the wall, another yogini’s water bottle, anything that was stationary and fixed.  It rarely worked and I was continually falling over.  

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