Instant Pot “Clean” Thai Chicken Soup

It is customary after the Winter holidays that we introduce light recipes in January that complement many folks desire to rebalance their bodies. 
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Slow Cooker Chicken Provençal for Two

Happy, dazed and “in a fog” is how I felt when I brought my first newborn, Lily, home fromP1000180
the hospital. I was pretty much useless in any other capacity than as a new mum and despite an enormous appetite I had little enthusiasm for cooking. Continue reading

Brazilian Feijoada


The Meg and Jane show got off to a strong start last week at our first show of the season at OLPH in Glenview.  Continue reading

Warm Beet Salad, Thyme & Tahini

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Chipotle Rubbed Salmon Tacos

In the early days of getting to know my slow cooker, I understood it to be the fix-it-& forget-it gadget which favors meat based all day cooking recipes. But Meg and I discovered that it can accomplish so much more.Chipotle Salmon Continue reading