Herb Crusted Dijon Pork with Prunes

The Zen lab is busier than usual as we prepare a new series of 5 minute prep recipes for all of our spice blends. Continue reading

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

The name “Silk Road Pumpkin Soup,” conjurs up images of ancient trading and movement of not only silk but other goods such as spices across the vast landmass of Eurasia and via circuitous sea routes.

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Sun Dried Tomato & Porcini Stuffed Turkey Breast

In the final of our collaborative series with Michelle at Organa Wellness, we focus on P1000071Build: growing, developing, and achieving new goals, the third chapter of the program. Step 1 shares our weekly recipe, followed by Step 2 and a printable exercise from Michelle.
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Sichuan Beef Hot Pot

P1010022A traditional Chinese hot pot is a communal dining experience. Each diner selects, dips and cooks individual ingredients in a pot filled with flavored hot broth at the centre of the table. Once braised in the broth the fork full is plunged into a dipping sauce for a second layer of flavor. Continue reading

Mixed Bean Pie & Cornbread Crust

“It’s continuing traditions that are well-established for a reason…” “New World food is exciting, tasty, healthy, romantic, and possibly, easier on the earth”IMG_6077

– Steve Sando’s thoughts on using beans indigenous to The Americas (Rancho Gordo BeansContinue reading