Instant Pot “Clean” Thai Chicken Soup

It is customary after the Winter holidays that we introduce light recipes in January that complement many folks desire to rebalance their bodies. 
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Instant Pot Venison Chili

On my travels this week I’ve come to Northern England where I’m discovering the delights of locally sourced venison meat from Yorkshire. In my home landscape of hills and dales, there is a lot to be celebrated.

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Sichuan Spice Blend Debuts!

Our eldest child, Phil, is a passionate adventurer.  He fell in love with Asia in his teens.  Two years ago, he ventured back to China to study and live there for eight months.  To visit Phil, and also wanting to better understand this part of the world, Steve and I had our own adventure traveling the countryside on a three-week tour of this beautiful part of the world. Continue reading

Texas Brisket “Slow Cooked Chili”

“Can one imagine Mediterranean food without tomatoes?” Jane Grigson asks in her p1010226
Vegetable book, 1978. Add to that chilis and I declare two of the most used ingredients in my kitchen. Continue reading

Vegetarian Bolognese for Two

Preparing meals for two isn’t confined to the lifestyles of empty nesters and single parents. Veg BologneseIn our many hours of research, we’ve learned that single friends regularly use their crock pot to cook for two – dinner for the evening and a hot lunch the following day (leftovers once is about as much as anyone can handle.) 

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