Instant Pot “Clean” Thai Chicken Soup

It is customary after the Winter holidays that we introduce light recipes in January that complement many folks desire to rebalance their bodies. 
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Mushroom Methi Saag “Bollywood Style”

This week we welcome our guest post writer Anuradha Sawhney to inspire us with her Mushroom Methi Saagvegan cookery. On her recent travels to India, Meg took a cooking class with Anuradha and we’ve adapted a recipe from her cookbook The Vegan Kitchen: Bollywood Style.

“The inspiration for my cookbook Bollywood Vegan came about as the result of a life changing event in 2011. I learned the importance of a nutritionally sound and vegan diet, alongside light exercise, in reversing my recently diagnosed early onset heart disease. Routine blood tests already highlighted high levels of cholesterol and triglycerides and I was immediately prescribed medication. Continue reading

The Best Vegetable Pilaf and Mango Chutney

Last week I did my own first, self administered cleanse. Inspired by Meg and the benefitsP1010011 she feels from a Mindfully Fed seasonal cleanse gave me the curiosity to try. I was confident to figure out my own approach, sticking to all single whole food ingredients. Continue reading

Slow Cooker “Gluten Free” Maple French Toast Casserole

If you’ve been following us throughout April, it’s time for our finale for Autism Awareness Month. We worked hard to create a visual recipe format for non-readers using our chocolate cake, and build a library of techniques that we hope to share with you in future recipes. We also discussed the importance of being outdoors and adding more sensory input into all of our lives. But we saved the best for last, our slow cooking video. Continue reading

Gluten and Casein Free Chocolate Cake

We are debuting our visual Chocolate Cake recipe this weekscreenshot. Providing access to a more user friendly format for non-readers has been a key intention for the Zen of Slow Cooking. In the future we hope to produce one visual recipe a month. Continue reading