Avocado Toast, Pinto Beans & Tomato

This months theme is tasty, inexpensive and wholesome meals for college students in need of sustenance.

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Whole30 Southwest Beef Tacos with Coffee & Cocoa

Notwithstanding living in the United States for upwards of 6 years, I continue to familiarize myself with the different cuts of meat while matching them with their English counterparts. 

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Slow Cooker Thanksgiving Side Dishes

img_20161115_124426737Last week we brought you a classic Onion Velouté as a simple start to dining for the holiday season. Since the turkey alone takes up almost the entire oven, with perhaps a little space left over for a sweet potato bake, we’re making the most of our slow cooker for the all important dressing / stuffing this week. Continue reading

Texas Brisket “Slow Cooked Chili”

“Can one imagine Mediterranean food without tomatoes?” Jane Grigson asks in her p1010226
Vegetable book, 1978. Add to that chilis and I declare two of the most used ingredients in my kitchen. Continue reading