New England Style Chowder

In a week filled with anniversaries, birthdays, and award celebrations, I managed to get one family meal on the table, which came from my Crock Pot. 

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Sichuan Spice Blend Debuts!

Our eldest child, Phil, is a passionate adventurer.  He fell in love with Asia in his teens.  Two years ago, he ventured back to China to study and live there for eight months.  To visit Phil, and also wanting to better understand this part of the world, Steve and I had our own adventure traveling the countryside on a three-week tour of this beautiful part of the world. Continue reading

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

The name “Silk Road Pumpkin Soup,” conjurs up images of ancient trading and movement of not only silk but other goods such as spices across the vast landmass of Eurasia and via circuitous sea routes.

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Fennel & Chickpea Soup with Saffron

As my family already knows, I am definitely not a short order cook. I will happily plan make eggs on toast or a quick pasta pesto for dinner, but whatever it is we all sit down to eat the same meal.

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Magic Mineral Broth

Faced with row upon row of eye catching, beautifully illustrated cookbooks in Barnes & Noble it took some time to choose the right cookbook for Meg’s Christmas basket. The selection criteria were simple – I wanted to find a book I believed would be more than a “one hit wonder,” not a vanity book consigned to a coffee table. The kind of book that has legs, and over time acquires thumb marks and folded corners, handwritten critiques and modifications, and marks out of 10 scribbled onto the pages. Continue reading