Fennel Soup with Black Olive Oil from Sweet Paul

“Recently there has been something of a vegetable boom. It started in the fifties with P1010008Elizabeth David, who championed vegetables in their own right, not just as adjuncts to meat.”

I concur with Jane Grigson’s sentiments in the introduction to the first edition of her Vegetable Book in 1978.

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Salt & Pepper Flank Steak & Chimichurri Sauce

I was free to putter around in my community garden last Sunday, on a scheduled but very P1010047relaxing “annual work day.” It was the perfect pairing of purging and planting. I’m committed to growing my own, organically, in support of Earth Day every day. Continue reading

Goan Salmon Curry

It’s like watching a skilled percussionist when Graham, my husband, takes over the P1010025kitchen. He finds great therapy in cooking, usually at the weekend when time permits. He loves chopping and blending flavors, especially those for Indian or Thai curries.

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Szechuan Short Ribs – Paleo Friendly

P1010003When I first made these Szechuan short ribs, I set them to cook all day and dashed out of the house to a meeting. I thought I had created a winning number for our Paleo followers.

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