Spanish Chicken in Red Pepper Sauce

While I’m enjoying a vacation on the Greek Island of Skiathos, we reimagine a chicken dish shared back in August 2014 on the blog. It is the perfect time of year to be gathering sweet, seasonal red peppers from your local farmers market, or if you’re lucky from your own garden.

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Greek Lamb Meatballs, with tomato, feta cheese, and mint

The recipes on our blog are usually curated with a theme in mind, from a love of a particular cuisine, a favorite cookbook, a chef, or a particular ingredient of interest. In this instance it started with a visit to a local country show, Countryfile Live 2017, and the meeting of like-minded food entrepreneurs.  Continue reading

Summer Coq Au Riesling

In my first post since migrating back across the pond to Oxford, England I’m happy to report that I took delivery of my UK compliant Instant Pot and slow cooker this week. It has become an even more attractive cooking method because our temporary kitchen is compact and bijou.

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Slow Cooker Za’atar chicken


Last week’s recipe found us admiring the colorful spices in a Moroccan souk. This week’s is driven by my love of Middle Eastern food, fueled locally by an international grocery store at the end of a strip mall on the north side of Chicago. Continue reading

Moroccan Pot Roast with Ras el Hanout

The conical piles of ground spices that fill large silver drums and dried flower petals and berries lining wicker baskets in this Moroccan souk are just a handful of ingredients used in ras el hanout, our spice blend focus this week.

In the words of Paula Wolfert, author of The Food of Morocco “The thing that all good varieties of ras el hanout do have in common though, is that they are sweet and savory and aromatic. No one particular spice will leap out of the blend, but when working together, they really give a dish some punch.” 

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