Curried Butternut Squash & Roasted Garlic Soup Slow Cooker & Instant Pot

I just stepped out of the kitchen to write this weeks post. It’s raining, and home with just my 8 year old we baked fresh scones for a neighbor in need and a soup for the week. So much of this experience reminds me of the James Beard quote “Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”

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New England Style Chowder

In a week filled with anniversaries, birthdays, and award celebrations, I managed to get one family meal on the table, which came from my Crock Pot. 

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Szechuan Chicken Noodle Soup

After my older daughter’s recent emergency surgery and subsequent lack of appetite, I was desperate to see her eat again. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Za’atar chicken


Last week’s recipe found us admiring the colorful spices in a Moroccan souk. This week’s is driven by my love of Middle Eastern food, fueled locally by an international grocery store at the end of a strip mall on the north side of Chicago. Continue reading