Greek Lamb Meatballs, with tomato, feta cheese, and mint

The recipes on our blog are usually curated with a theme in mind, from a love of a particular cuisine, a favorite cookbook, a chef, or a particular ingredient of interest. In this instance it started with a visit to a local country show, Countryfile Live 2017, and the meeting of like-minded food entrepreneurs.  Continue reading

Soupe Au Pistou

Now that we’ve moved back across the pond, I’m in search of a replacement for my Chicago community garden. I miss picking-my-own from my pint sized bed. In the meantime, with an abundance of fresh, locally grown English produce, I picked up some peas – in their crunchy, edible shells – for this great French summer soup.
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Summer Coq Au Riesling

In my first post since migrating back across the pond to Oxford, England I’m happy to report that I took delivery of my UK compliant Instant Pot and slow cooker this week. It has become an even more attractive cooking method because our temporary kitchen is compact and bijou.

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Whole30 Southwest Beef Tacos with Coffee & Cocoa

Notwithstanding living in the United States for upwards of 6 years, I continue to familiarize myself with the different cuts of meat while matching them with their English counterparts. 

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Whole30 Chicken, Coconut & Spinach Curry

Late last night we published our new website at the zen of slow cooking, after weeks of hard work in – house with the help from our wonderful team.

From Kerri’s gorgeous photography, Linda’s amazing designs and web designer Lisa Gurza they helped bring our vision to life.
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