Route 66

My sister turned 66 on September 15th. It’s the time of her life when accumulating memories far outweigh accumulating possessions. So last Christmas I gave her a book and map on Route 66, and the gift of time to join her on a road trip I knew she wanted to make: Route 66 for her 66th! Continue reading

My Virtual Home

When my children were young, I can remember being all crunched up on the grass as we observed ants carefully transporting their food and the times we drew elaborate underwater scenes on our driveway. We had carefree hours carving out pumpkins before Halloween. We built forts in our living room. Stepping on Legos scattered all over our house was part of the fabric of our lives.  Continue reading

My Empty Nest

Two years ago, as I sat in a weepy funk after dropping my middle child off for his freshman year of college, my husband asked me, “Why the tears?  Are you worried, sad, or just feeling an overall melancholy?” I said, “a bit of all 3”, but mostly it was the general sadness that comes with the mothering job, and more specifically, the feeling that it’s over. Continue reading

My Partner

People often remark at the amazing partnership Jane and I have forged over the past five years.  They ask us, “What’s your secret?”  

It’s fairly simple. Continue reading

Slow Cooker Whole30

For the past five years, I have done a post-holiday cleanse in January. These cleanses not only give me more energy and deeper sleep, but they offer the opportunity to slow down and savor the moment. I find that doing a deep dive into “food exploration and elimination” each year gives me unexpected observations into many areas of my life. It’s like taking the time to clean off your eyeglasses so that you can see the world more clearly. But this year with a busy slow- cooking schedule and a last-minute trip to DC, my annual cleanse didn’t happen.

Continue reading