Jane McKay Bio

Jane McKay

Jane graduated from the University of Newcastle Upon Tyne with a Bachelors of Science Degree in Food Marketing. Following a gap year traveling extensively around India and Australia, Jane returned to London to pursue a professional career in Software Implementation and applications for businesses.

Her family moved to Chicago 5 years ago in 2011, and Jane started to focus more intently on growing their own food and writing blog posts for Pastoral Artisan Cheese, Bread and Wine.

Jane met Meg in 2012 and welcomed the opportunity to join her at the zen of slow cooking and turn “food” – her passion for growing it and creating recipes – into a business.

Jane immediately took on a role as editor and co-creator of the zen of slow cooking blog which launched later that year. Jane started to isolate the flavor components which gave rise to the Slow Cooker Spice Blends, helping the zen of slow cooking to grow year on year to where it is today in wholesale grocery.

Jane finds inspiration for the dinner table from her travels and dedication to her community garden.

Outside her professional career she loves anything to do with sourcing, preparing, sharing and eating real food and having adventures with her husband and two children.

3 thoughts on “Jane McKay Bio

  1. It was lovely to see you again at the party for Elizabeth! I hope that you had a good
    journey back home and that the girls are looking forward to the celebrations. I am enjoying reading your recipes but will have to experiment to get the spice blends right for us in the UK!
    All good wishes

    • Thank you Penny we really enjoyed spending time with you at the party! Please let us know if you need any help with conversions or substitutions for the recipes. Best wishes for a peaceful and happy holiday season. Jane

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