A mindful intention to slow cooking, using whole foods and transforming your preparation time into a space for reflection or as we like to refer to as the Zen of slow cooking.

We want to help you create success in the kitchen by simple, straightforward, whole food recipes prepared in 20 minutes or less.

We understand some of you work outside of the home all day, while others are home soon after the school day ends. We plan to balance a series of “gone-all-day” slow cooker dishes alongside shorter cooking time we refer to as “afternoon prep” recipes.  

We will use the seasons as a guide in preparing our recipes and many of them will use vegetables grown in Jane’s Urban Garden in the city of Chicago.

We understand it’s practical to offer variations, and alternative ingredients, in recipes to allow flexibility and to encourage a healthy lifestyle.  Some will be “dressed up” for more formal occasions.

We will offer insight on how to create a more mindful approach to living.

3 thoughts on “Intention

  1. This is a lifesaver! I plan to try all your recipes, as a fellow Brit in Chicago, love the idea of bonfire night meatballs! Please keep the recipes coming, I am so in need of zen cooking, you two are really on to something here!

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