Eggplant Parmesan

In Claudia Roden’s The Good Food Of Italy: region by region, the eggplant is heralded asp1010276 “the most important vegetable” in Calabria, the region of Italy known as the toe. Continue reading

Texas Brisket “Slow Cooked Chili”

“Can one imagine Mediterranean food without tomatoes?” Jane Grigson asks in her p1010226
Vegetable book, 1978. Add to that chilis and I declare two of the most used ingredients in my kitchen. Continue reading

Wisconsin Beer Cheese Soup

No trip to Wisconsin from Chicago is complete without a rest stop at the Mars Cheese Castle to stock up on p1010219New Glarus beer and cheese curds, and a detour on the way home to pick apples and drink cider. The inspiration behind our Wisconsin beer cheese soup recipe. 
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The Dorito Effect

25634634-_uy200_Have you ever wondered why those perfectly red tomatoes from the supermarket taste like tap water? And did a simple roast chicken always require half a pound of seasoning? It’s no illusion. The flavor of the food we eat is changing, and has been for more than half a century. Tomatoes, chicken, strawberries — everything we grow is bigger and cheaper, but blander than ever. At the same time, technology now lets us produce in the lab the very flavors that have been lost on the farm. And the result is that we have utterly transformed what, and how much, we eat.”

-introduction to The Dorito Effect authored by Mark Schatzker Continue reading

Slow Cooker Poached Italian Eggs

In wrapping up our month of breakfast recipes we turn to comfort food this week. A hot breakfast with eggs evokes a real sense of well being in our house, possibly because it means that we all have time to actually sit and commune. p1000872 Continue reading