Slow Cooker Poached Italian Eggs

In wrapping up our month of breakfast recipes we turn to comfort food this week. A hot breakfast with eggs evokes a real sense of well being in our house, possibly because it means that we all have time to actually sit and commune. p1000872 Continue reading

Bacon & Cheese Breakfast Quick Bread

The smell of sizzling bacon wafting up the stairs is enough to get any member of my family p1000861leaping from their beds in the morning without hesitation. The salty, savory slices don’t last long and I usually end up short changed with just the scraps to eat and the oily remnants in the pan to clean up. Continue reading

Oatmeal Breakfast Bar

The inspiration to focus on breakfast this month is twofold. The idea, brought to life by The Secrets of Happy Families savpbook in Meg’s post last week, that family connections can be nurtured over the breakfast table. Continue reading

Pam Gross Q & A

In wrapping up our month dedicated to adapting healthy recipes from the website The
Bread & Buddha
, Pam Gross shares her valuable insights in a Q & A. Continue reading