Spiced Bread Pudding with Watermelon Syrup

For the grand finale in our Route 66 series, Meg asked me to create a prickly pear bread pudding similar to the one she enjoyed from The Turquoise Room menu at historic La Posada.  Continue reading

Meatloaf with BBQ Sauce

As Meg embarked on her long journey along Route 66 with her sister Ann last month, I got a little taste of it living vicariously through her Facebook posts and texts keeping me up to date on all the important culinary news. Continue reading

Route 66

My sister turned 66 on September 15th. It’s the time of her life when accumulating memories far outweigh accumulating possessions. So last Christmas I gave her a book and map on Route 66, and the gift of time to join her on a road trip I knew she wanted to make: Route 66 for her 66th! Continue reading

Avocado Toast, Pinto Beans & Tomato

This months theme is tasty, inexpensive and wholesome meals for college students in need of sustenance.

Continue reading